Areas of Practice

My firm has numerous long-standing contacts in Germany and abroad in particular in the countries of the European Union and in the United States.

Our co-operation with specialists in different legal fields and with international relations has led to an extensive experience in national and international business.

We are able to advise our clients in either German or English.   

Range of services

1. Legal advice:

  • Labour Law, preparation of employment contracts, legal representation at labour courts, hours of employment orders, assignment of employees, company surrender, works council constitution law, pension schemes, agreements and termination of employment, short time work, settlement payments, law on collective agreements
  • Commercial and Company Law, formation of companies, support of domestic subsidiaries and branch offices of foreign companies, liquidation of companies, choice of the appropriate legal form for enterprises, responsibility of shareholders and Geschäftsführer (managing directors),   purchase and sale of equity interests in companies, transformation of legal form of companies
  • Law of Contracts
  • Law on commercial agents
  • Competition Law
  • commercial rental contracts
  • estate agent law
  • representation in litigation

 Our co-operation partners are providing their services in the following areas:

2. Tax advice:

  • preparation of tax returns for individuals and companies
  • preparation of annual financial statements, special balance sheets, business reports
  • preparation of special tax constructions
  • international tax law and law of double taxation, law to prevent international fiscal evasion
  • inheritance tax, gift tax, wealth tax
  • support with investigations by the tax authorities
  • legal representation in tax courts or representation at tax authorities, representation when filing an appeal
  • creation of trust agreements

3. Management Advice

  • cost accounting
  • financial analysis
  • advice on business startups
  • comprehensive advice for enterprises based on information on accounting, taxes and law

4. Accounting

  • Book-keeping, organisation and support or preparation of book-keeping
  • salary administration
  • reporting